Friday, February 6, 2009


Cuvee, 322 Magazine Street 504-587-9001
(Fancy, D)

When the parents come to town, Dad likes to get into his very sexy khakis and Mom into only the most fashionable pantsuit and spend a million dollars for dinner. Of course, being the spoiled ethnically suburban (though now living in the cityish Irish Channel part of N.O.) rich bitches that we are, we're only too happy to play dress-up and condone this class warfare carried out with heavy silverware on pristine white tablecoths.

The problem is that while many fancy restaurants know how to make a special vegan dish, they often think this means a pile of grilled vegetables seasoned liberally with an utter lack of inspiration. To these "chefs," I say, "Feh!" But more and more, your woman or man in the high white hat and checked pants will actually give a fuck, especially if you call ahead. Wcait, at the next table . . . is that Bob Dylan with a pair of crotchless panties on his head blowing his Victoria's Secret royalty check while singing "The Times They Are A Changin'?"

Although I can't remember for the life of me what we had, I remember it was like the coldest day of the year or something, and the vegan surprises were good, so good we almost didn't mind that we were freezing our clits off.

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  1. We called Cuvee 3 days in advance of our dinner to ensure that the 2 vegans would not go hungry. No prob they say. Yay!
    However, their idea of a vegan dish was a pile of fried veggies served atop a cloth napkin folded in a fancy manner. Really? You ought to know, I am a NOLA native, and being such, I have no qualms about eating deep fried food. In fact I think my arteries need the fat as lube. That said, I like it hot and cheap. Their $22 medley consisted only of sweet potato sticks, halved brussel sprouts and onion rings. Creative points on the brussels, but as for the other two, I could have paid $5 for them at any local bar and I bet they would've been hotter. Humpf.
    Now I must say they did serve them with three dipping sauces. Number one was a delicious roasted artichoke puree. Number two was a sugary bbq sauce. And the third was an bland unidentifiable puree.
    Truth be told, the high point of the evening was having booze for dessert. I had a glass of St. Germain. It is a sweet flowery liqueur, reminiscient of honeysuckles, made from Alpine Elderflowers. Trust me, it is divine with a bit of ice and H2O.