Friday, February 6, 2009


Mona's, 3901 Banks St., 482-7743; 504 Frenchmen St., 949-4115; 4126 Magazine St., 894-9800; 1120 S Carrollton Ave, 861-8175

(Middle Eastern, LD)

You can't spit or throw a rock in New Orleans without hitting a Mona's. Or spout some sad cliche, apparently. So it's inevitable you'll end up here sometime or other. And while you should do everything in your power to get to Lebanon's instead, you'll probably be quite satisfied at Mona's. Go for the huge green salad or the grape leaves plate, and you'll have a good day.

Breaking news. Supervegan fields of garlic reports that Mona's now poops its grape leaves out of a can. When I had the leaves a couple days ago, they were way too tangy. I drowned them with salt, and that made them better.

FYI, I love salt, and salt loves me. I have low blood pressure (80 over 50), so bring on the sodium. I'm one of those eccentric and at times annoying diners who doesn't even taste for salt before dumping it on my food.


  1. I don't know when you wrote this review, but since Katrina, the vegetarian grape leaves at Mona's come out of a can. It's too bad, because they used to have the best veggie grape leaves in town.

    Still the Banks Street location is my favorite Middle-Eastern place in town. The service is great, the atmosphere is mellow and the food is dee-lish. I'm a big fan of the lentil soup.

  2. The french fries are good too, and they give you lots of ketchup, which is very important to me.


  3. Also, best Lebanese Iced Tea in the city.