Thursday, March 1, 2012

Koch Industries, Inc. v. President Obama

Those richie richie right-wang Koch Brothers own the delightful Matador Cattle Company.  [url][/url].  If you're not into cattle, you can do the following hunts:

Panther Canyon Trophy Hunt
Big Ranch Hunt
Mule Deer
Predator & Hogs
Combo Hunts

U.S. President Obama, on the other hand, takes Russian President Dmitry Medvedev out and orders two burgers with cheddar cheese for them.

Medvedev gets sauteed onions and a little bit of jalapeno and some mushrooms.  Well done.  Not red inside. 

Obama: "I'll have some of the sauteed onions."  Obama: Lettuce and tomato.  Medvedev: No lettuce or tomato. 

But uh-oh.  Obama doesn't know if the bread and butter pickles are too sweet for him.  "Is one order of fries big enough for both of us?" he asks.  Look at him wring his hands and fret over the order!

He goes with the large fry.  Not large fries.  A large fry.  He orders Medvedev a large Coke.  He gets an iced tea.  Then he changes Medvedev's burger to medium well.  He doesn't want it "singed."

President Obama then skillfully negotiates paying for the meal, first shooting down Medvedev's offer to pay, then silencing the restaurant staff's offer to give it to him for free. 

It reminds me of the time Kittee and I sat across from ex-President Jimmy Carter and his wife Roslyn Carter at Casamento's, where I've heard they fry in duck fat.  Wow.

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